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Rev. HPs. Deborah Joy, having graduated from The New Seminary in June of 2000, is legally ordained and licensed in both New York State and Florida as Inter-Spiritual Clergy, with a secondary degree in Comparative Religion studies. 

After having lived overseas for a number of years, she returned to the USA in 2014, and currently resides in Broward County in South Florida. 

Rev. Deborah Joy is a Life-Cycle and Ritual Celebrant, Practitioner of the "New Thought and Transcendentalism Philosophies," an "Affirmative Life" Motivation Coach, and an Intuitive Spiritual Consultant. She is also a Mindfulness Meditation Mentor having graduated the 8 Week Intensive in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction© and a student of the zivaMind© course in Mantra-Centered Meditation Therapy for handling stress.  Her additional talents as Tarologist, Crystalogist, Astrologer, Metaphysician, and Reiki Practitioner rounds out her abilities to assist her clients incorporating various methods of holistic techniques for their well-being. 

Rev. Deborah Joy will create and perform rituals for all types of celebratory events, and personal milestones. In her role as teacher of the spiritual arts, and a Motivational Coach in facilitating self-awareness, she lectures frequently on a variety of relevant and inspiring topics.  In her spiritual motivation practice, she enlists the concepts of Western, Near and Far East Holistic Modalities as a means to aid others seeking to recognize the beauty of their whole-selves, to strive for a sense of well-being and inner peace, and to maintain overall good health.

"I enjoy working with individuals, and with groups of all kinds who have an interest in reinforcing their need for motivational spirituality in their lives.  All this can be realized by employing both ancient and modern spiritual techniques, personally-tailored ceremonies and rituals, for any and all, occasions and milestones that have personal meanings, and also for those extraordinary life transitions that you wish to celebrate in that special way that you choose to. All rituals and ceremonies that I perform for my clients are personalized to their tastes right down to the minutest details.  I encourage your participation while providing a warm and supportive environment for you, your family, your loved ones, and your friends. I will draw upon my intuitive and creative talents, and my nurturing abilities, to personally design and craft a ceremony or ritual, whether it be a more traditional wedding ceremony, an ancient handfasting, a commitment ceremony, or a new baby being welcomed into your hearts and into the world.  Or perhaps, it is a coming of age ceremony, for either a male or female, or a wise woman ceremony that you wish to create a splendid ritual for.  Even a life cycle event, that celebrates the life and marks the passing of a loved one, whether it be of the human or animal kind, whose soul has ascended from this earthly plane to the ethereal one. In addition, I offer house blessings, new car blessings, new boat blessings, and energy clearing of a new home, apartment, condo, office, or even an all-around good luck ritual for any new situation, all specifically tailored to your specific needs."

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