Rev. Deborah Joy, utilizing her intuitive skills, incorporates both the art of Astrological Charting and her own particular mode of Intuitive Readings she defines as “Para-Psychological Counseling,” and developed specifically to act as a bridge to heighten her understanding of her client’s “organic personality” and what lies beyond it in order to tap into her client's psycho-spiritual framework as a means to bring her client's best attributes to the surface. Via this approach, Rev. Deborah Joy ascertains the complete aura of an individual’s personal cosmos, and therefore via Divine Assistance she can further inspire and motivate her client so that he or she may actualize their own personal and professional goals, and achieve spiritual harmony consistent with their own personal emotional rhythms.  In order to fully round out her client’s spiritual objectives, she recommends the implementation of the benefits of Reiki Healing combined with AromaSense Crystal Therapy ™ in order to promote the realization of her client’s personal well-being.  She recommends “Intuitive Feng Shui Home and Business Energy Balancing,” as a means of imparting an aura of calm and happiness into their home, and/or work-place. 

Rev. Deborah Joy has appeared on Good Day New York, Fox 5 News, Lifetime TV, and the Entertainment Channel.  While leading one of her most popular spiritual awareness classes entitled “Meditation Hike in Central Park” she was filmed teaching her class as part of a piece on “Spirituality in America” for RTL Channel 4 Dutch Television.  She was interviewed by Belgian TV, and CBS Radio 88 specifically about the cause and effects of Aromatherapy on Domestic Pets.  She has also been seen in Marie Claire, Spotlight Magazine, as well as Britain’s leading holistic quarterly, Kindred Spirit.

Rev. Deborah Joy is also globally recognized as Master Teacher and Healer in the Japanese Holistic Tradition of Usui Reiki Healing.  She is happy to proclaim that she enjoys attending to her clients where she resides, but she will also gladly arrange to assist those who search out the benefits of one of the many Holistic Healing Techniques, and/or Spiritual Counseling Sessions, both of which can be implemented long-distance via the magic of the Internet. 

***All Intuitive Readings, Reiki and Crystal Healings, and Spiritual Life Motivation Coaching Sessions, whether individually, or in a group, are by appointment only.***

Blessings and Light,

Rev. HPs. Deborah Joy, Lic. Spiritual Consultant

Life Coach, Spiritual Intuitive,

Mindfulness Meditation Mentor

Motivational Speaker 

 Magickal Arts Spiritual Consulting  ©

Practitioner of the Intuitive Arts

Please Read My Mission Statement:

Contrary to what my fellow Esoteric Practitioners may call themselves, I do not label myself as a healer.  I am, in the hopes of more aptly describing myself, "as an enabler" albeit, an enabler of the highest order.  I assist to enable you to discover your place of equanimity, I enable you to answer those questions to those neatly (and/or messy) tucked-away answers that you are not yet ready to bring to the surface, (but you  wish to, you just need the right coaching.)  I enable you to take, whether it be those first, middle, or many times taken before, steps that reach into your Inner Divine Light so that you may feel an expansion of your Inner Spirit and an awakening of your dormant Energy Centers (your Chakras) that have blocked your connection to your Higher Spirit thus far.  I also enable you to find your Divine Center where miracles await you.  Healing is found in all those places that I have mentioned, and it is there for the taking.  I merely lead you by the hand and point you in the right direction, so to speak.  And, as the Good Witch Glinda said to Dorothy in the final scene from "The Wizard of Oz,"  "Your Silver Shoes will carry you over the desert. "  If you had known their power you could have gone back to your Aunt Em the very first day you came to this country."  To elaborate this point, each and every one of us wears those Silver Shoes, those most magical silver slippers, but you, just like Dorothy, have not yet been made aware of the powers that are right at your feet, and therefore I will seek to enable you to recognize that you are already wearing those magical silver shoes on your feet, and that you, yes YOU, already have the ability to make all those good hopes, wishes, and dreams materialize.  "The Silver Shoes," said the Good Witch, "have wonderful powers."  Therefore, allow me to be your own personal "Good Witch."

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