Have you asked yourself lately if you have set your intentions for the things you want to achieve in the present and near future? Are you clear about those intentions?

The Universe has a way of giving us clues and leading us on our next steps along our journey.  If you are reading this then right now is the right time for you to do so.

Engage in the focused practice of Affirmative Intention, Affirmative Prayer and Affirmative Ritual. 

I have come to recognize this as The 3-Step Spiritual Process © for achieving success in your endeavors. This program is especially designed and geared towards those who have reached mid-life and whose time has come (whether it be of your choosing or not) for your life to take on a totally new direction.  

Statistics show that we often cannot stive ahead on our own without a life coaching plan for optimum success.

My plan is affordable and no gimmicks! In-person (depending upon your location) or via Cyber-Sessions.

Please e-mail me at for MORE INFORMATION and a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTATION on this enlightening new and effective program which can be specifically tailored for your immediate and future life goals.



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